• Crab Ceviche | A Bright and Colorful Seafood Recipe!

    Crab Ceviche | A Bright and Colorful Seafood Recipe!

    Find an artistic balance in this Crab Ceviche recipe featuring our Polar Salad Crab Meat! Canned crab is convenient and shelf stable, and when paired with citrus and spices, becomes an elevated appetizer that's both simple to prepare and tastes great.

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    Crab Fried Rice | Are you tired of Chinese takeouts?

    Tired of the fried rice from Chinese takeouts? Is Panda Express’ fried rice boring you? Well, Polar’s got you! Easy 30-minute fried rice that will make your Crab Fried Rice experience better for the rest of your life! Every bite you take will be packed with crab meat! See recipe here and start frying!
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