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Does my favorite Polar product contain gluten/ soy/ nuts/ allergens, etc.?

Most Polar products are gluten-free. Allergens will be listed in the product ingredients and are free from cross-contamination unless stated otherwise.

My favorite Polar product is past its best used by date. Is it still okay to eat?

No. We always recommend not consuming the product after its best used by date. Even if you kept the can in good conditions at room temperature, if it has been stored improperly or at high temperatures at some point, there is a chance for it to have a reduced shelf life.

How do you source your products?

Every product has its origin in which they are supplied from. Please refer to your label for product origin or contact us for more detailed information.

If my local store does not have my favorite Polar product, where can I find it?

MW Polar is an import distribution company and our products are sold through food distributors, brokers, and retail head offices. Oftentimes, we don’t necessarily know which specific retail locations our products are carried in. You may request your local grocery store to add Polar products to their shelves!

Online, you can find our products here, on our website, but also on Amazon and Walmart.

Are Polar canned products BPA (Bisphenol-A) free?

MW Polar has received certification from our manufacturers that our can lining is “BPA-Free”, we wanted to be as accurate as possible in our labeling to our customers. While our cans are made without BPA and we do everything possible to minimize encounters with BPA, it is always possible that there might be trace amounts of BPA particles that can be accumulated through merely being inside a factory or even from the environment itself. We always want to be as transparent as possible to our clients and consequently we do not feel comfortable labeling our cans as “BPA-Free”.  California’s Prop 65
provisions provide no “safe harbor” for acceptable safe levels of Bisphenol A (BPA), so we wish to avoid giving our California customers a false assurance from labeling our cans as “BPA-Free.” 

Please note that this does NOT mean that we are using cans with a BPA lining. Our can linings are not created with BPA. Our can linings are
still formulated without BPA. Note that our cans are created in exactly the same manner as those cans that include the label “BPA-Free”. Since BPA is a chemical that can appear in any food product, we believe that labels that say “BPA-Free” are technically inaccurate. Again, to be on the safe side and in the spirit of transparency, we state on our labels that they are “BPA-NI”, in other words “BPA – Not Intentionally added”.

MW Polar can linings are compliant and/or exceed the strictest U.S. and EU “BPA–NI” regulations and will continue to do so. We take the health and safety of our products and our customers very seriously.

Are your products Kosher certified?

Our product will have a Kosher symbol on it if it has been Kosher certified.

Polar products that are Kosher certified are registered by our supplier with their country’s Kosher registration authority. They will examine the ingredients and other requirements to approve the product.

I only need to use a portion of my favorite Polar product, should I refrigerate after opening?

Yes, we recommend refrigerating an open product in an airtight container to prolong its freshness for up to 3-5 days. For seafood especially, the sooner you finish the leftovers, the better.

What is this "Prop 65 Warning?"

California Proposition 65 is a law that is unique to the State of California that requires a
"clear and reasonable warning" to consumers for products that contain
chemicals that the state of California has determined to cause cancer,
birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

For more detailed explanation, please refer to our Prop 65 info page.

Are Prop 65 products safe?

California's OEHHA, the state agency responsible for implementing Prop 65, itself has noted, "A Proposition 65 warning does not necessarily mean that a product is in violation of any product-safety standards or requirements."

All MW Polar products meet all federal food safety regulatory standards.

We believe that consumers have the right to do their own research and to make their own decisions about the products they choose to purchase. The Prop 65 warning is provided to allow consumers to assess their individual risk. We encourage consumers who want to find more information on Prop 65 to visit the state of California's website for Prop 65 at

California Assembly Bill No. 1200

Click Here for more information.


Is it alright to consume the fruit after the best used by date?

No. We strongly do not recommend you to consume the product after the best used by date for safety reasons.

What is the shelf life on the open jar of fruit?

We recommend refrigerating the product once it has been opened and consuming it within 5-7 days.

Are all the fruits in jars cooked?

Yes, the fruit in jars are cooked prior to being jarred.

Is there corn syrup in your fruit jars?

No. Although many other fruit products on the market contain dextrose, corn syrup, and other additives to control the level of sweetness, Polar fruit jars are preserved in light syrup made from only sugar and water. The sweetness that you taste comes naturally from the fruit itself.

Does the calorie count include the juice and syrup content?

Yes, the total calorie count on the jars does include the calories from consuming the juice and syrup.

Is there any cross contamination between nuts and fruits?

Our supplier who manufactures fruits in jars only manufactures the fruits that are placed into the jar. However, some natural fruits that contain pits are taken out of the fruit prior to processing. Any other types of nuts are not part of the supplier’s product line, therefore, leaving no chance for any cross contamination.

Where can I get empty fruit glass jars and lids for my own use?

Polar Foods is an import distribution company which means that, unfortunately, we do not house or supply empty jars or lids as they are readily provided with the product from our supplier. In addition, we cannot provide our consumers with contact information of our suppliers.


Do I need to cook the canned seafood?

No. All our canned seafood products are ready-to-eat, which means they are fully cooked and ready for consumption straight from the can.

My can is dented/bloated/damaged. Is it still okay to eat?

No. Damage to the outside of the can, or from the inside of the can, can mean bacteria has gotten into the product. Therefore, it is not safe to eat. We strongly do not recommend consuming products from damaged cans.

There’s a shard of glass in my canned seafood?

 Most likely, what you are seeing is not glass but struvite crystals. 

Struvite is a harmless, naturally-occurring crystal composed of magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate, all of which are minerals found in fish. On rare occasions, the minerals from the fish can develop into struvite shards in the canning process. They are colorless, transparent, and tasteless, though if not taken out, they may add a bit of crunch to your seafood dish.

Struvite is harmless and will be dissolved in your stomach. To tell them apart from glass, you may boil the crystals in a one part vinegar, one part water solution. Struvite will dissolve, glass will not.

Are Polar herring fillets farm-raised?

No, all our herring fillets, including kipper snacks, are wild-caught in the North Atlantic. They are processed, smoked, and packed in tasty sauces at peak freshness in Germany.

Why are my oysters green?

Green coloring in your oyster is a perfectly natural occurrence and safe for consumption. The green coloring is likely due to the food the oyster eats. The color tends to be more visible with younger oysters, and is more covered as the oyster gets older. 

Green coloring is a good thing! Younger oysters tend to have better taste.

You will know if your oysters have gone bad if they look, smell, or feel off. They do not turn green when they have gone bad.

I am concerned about Mercury in my canned seafood.

While that is a valid concern, studies indicate that a person has to consume at least 3 cans of tuna/canned seafood every day for a number of years for mercury levels in their body to cause any health concerns.

Most traces of mercury are found on the skin of the fish. Mercury levels vary by fish as larger and older fish will accumulate more mercury over time. Polar canned seafood contains minimal traces of mercury and is guaranteed to be under the FDA’s limit.

Is your tuna Dolphin Safe?

Yes, Polar Tuna is a Dolphin Safe product. Our suppliers are fully committed to ensuring their vessels are in compliance with the Dolphin Safe standards.


Are the artichokes gluten free?

Yes, Polar artichokes are gluten free.

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